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Warrington Taxi Marshals

16 Oct 2019 | Company, Security

We have been managing the provision of taxi marshals in conjunction with Warrington Borough Council and Radius Security for the past few months, I thought I would share some insights I have gained during this time.

It is very apparent that Warrington’s nighttime economy is thriving, the popularity of this famous rugby league town in the Northwest of England as a socializing location is without doubt and I’m sure that this is set to rise further, as the new £142 million pounds Time Square development in the center of Cheshire’s largest town draws closer to completion in 2019 – 2020. The introduction of national brands such as Cineworld and The Botanist will compliment the wide variety of venues already established such as Friars court Inn and Mojos bar and tapas.

The safety of those locals and visitors choosing to spend their leisure time and money in Warrington and surrounding local hubs such as Stockton Heath is of absolute importance. As a result of customer focused meetings with council representatives and their partners, Radius Security were chosen via tender to facilitate a marshaling service to three main areas of Warrington’s busy Hackney carriage pick up points. These areas are the Red Lion in Stockton Heath, Barbauld Street and Academy way in the town center.

The support provided by the marshals at the Red Lion pub has had much approval from locals, visitors and taxi drivers alike, comments have included; “this is such a relaxed and ordered way to wait for transport” and “The staff here are so polite, nothing is too much trouble”

Comments from Barbauld Street and Academy way include “a massive thank you” for waiting with a single female customer after her friends had departed in another taxi, until hers had arrived. Also comments from the Street pastors when bringing a male to their attention that had drunkenly fallen at the rear of the Academy way rank.

These comments are greatly appreciated, proving the value added when having responsible staff on site and are a brilliant positive stamp of approval for Radius and the council, as our aim is to provide a recognizable, uniformed point of contact for the multicultural visitors using the taxi services, working an ordered and structured fashion. The people providing this service understand the importance of hospitality, identifying risks and dealing with them in a dynamic way, that least impacts on the general public and the drivers that contribute towards this forward-thinking enterprise.

The marshals input and personality has been a key factor in bedding in this service, with chatting and banter prompting many people to ask if there will be an expansion of these services into other locations in Warrington.

The Driver feedback ( through a drivers representative meeting ) has been very positive also, due to the efforts of the marshals  they have witnessed a marked improvement in the organization and time taken when transitioning from the que to picking up customers, this results in greater frequency of fares and an appreciation from the public on the methods of payment. This has decreased the number of misunderstandings which again enables more passengers to reach their respective destinations with minimal waiting time.

Radius are committed to continuous professional development and have partnered with Warrington council with our participation in a CSE training session looking at the safeguarding of vulnerable people and children that use our services. Radius have also fostered links with the local police, licensing, business owners, street pastors and Door supervisors in Warrington in order to have a wide ranging appreciation for the challenges that are faced whilst servicing the nighttime economy, this places Radius in a prime position should these services be expanded or replicated elsewhere.

I am proud of my involvement in this fast paced and rewarding service industry, that is breaking down barriers and forging links surrounding an enjoyable and safe night out for everyone. There are many occasions I have witnessed the marshals going above and beyond whilst working, locating lost possessions, (sometimes people) and helping direct the public in the right direction for other businesses and services located across this bustling town.