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The Transition Success Story

16 Oct 2019 | Careers, Company

To go from a simple doorman to the humble world of management is rather an achievement for me both personally and professionally. It started whilst studying Business Management as an undergraduate. The aim at first was just a small form of income in order to assist me with my studies. I then started to take pride within the role for the fact that it helped me build upon my confidence. I have met people from all walks of life and heard plenty of drunken stories from breakups to makeups.

It’s funny and interesting to see door supervision from another angle. We can work in management but people management is something relatively unique as you are dealing with emotions- which let’s just say run deep. I have learnt from this role that not everyone is programmed and built the same especially within the security industry. I must add if you upset a doorman the chances of him not turning up to a shift is highly unlikely.

I may as well tell you about my fondest memory. It all started when a hen party and a stag party ended up in one venue. One of the hens ex -boyfriends turned out to be part of this stag do. Things got heated- door staff including supervisors came to the scene and we all assisted in ensuring that both parties were escorted off the premises. It somehow turned into the battle of the weddings and the hens seemed to be winning. The police got involved. This was my first week as a doorman all I could think at the time was that I am in for a wild ride.

Now before I get carried away back to the topic of me…

 After my initial graduation I took a position as an internal supervisor and then moved swiftly on to head doorman whilst doing my masters in digital marketing. Having completed my masters’ degree I found great personal strength in working in a field of people management. This really helped me develop my interpersonal skills and conflict resolution. I then took on a temporary role which linked to my masters’ degree within digital marketing; however I continued working at the doors on weekends as it became a great passion.

Whilst working in an office environment alongside looking at social media all day I decided that management was my strong point. After all I didn’t take on and tackle an undergraduate degree and a masters’ degree just for the sake of it. I was then given the opportunity to apply for a role in management within the security industry at Radius. I applied for the role as it fitted in perfectly with both my degree and chosen field. I was lucky enough to be given the job and it is going great so far as I am able to utilise my management degree and the experience learnt on the doors together in one.

As a doorman manager with my own South Manchester team I can honestly say I made it. It is a case of ensuring that everyone at the venue is safe rather than being sorry and it can be rather challenging at the best of times but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life would be somewhat boring to say the least without the joys of the security industry.  I look after my team and as cringe as this may sound they are very dear to me and I would never tell them to their faces. Simply because it took a lot of hard work to get to where I am and my aim is to build each and every single one of them in terms of confidence and work ethic. It would make me a very happy man if even one of them can develop and reach a managerial position within the company one day because of me.

Anyway before this post turns into thematic analysis on door staff I better wind it in. So far my journey is still on its early stages as I’m learning a lot every single day that I have on shift and I hope to keep learning and progressing not only within the company, but within my own self-development too alongside being able to keep up with the wonderful challenges at Radius security.