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Celebrating 10 years working with Blackburn Rovers

02 Jul 2021 | Company, Security

10 years ago, we started our relationship with Blackburn Rovers, supplying manned guards and security personnel, undertaking numerous tasks, from securing access points, patrolling critical assets and routes, site access management and incident management. A decade on and we’re still supplying the quality of service a football club like Blackburn Rovers demands.

Since taking on Blackburn Rovers, we have now expanded our coverage from the North West to the whole of the UK. Being able to provide a customer-focused physical presence for our clients, Radius Security can assist in protecting their business assets and reputations.

Stuart M Caley, Stadium Safety officer said;

“Blackburn Rovers football club was introduced to Radius Security prior to the commencement of the 2011/12 football season.

The initial meeting with the club involved their managing director and Training manager from which it was immediately apparent that they ran their business in a highly professional manner. They were honest in the desire to expand their existing portfolio into the world of football and to this end, Blackburn Rovers would be the first club to which they would be supplying staff.

Blackburn Rovers Football club began using Radius staff from the start of the 2011/2012 season. Prior to the first deployment, Radius embarked on a training package specific to the requirements of Blackburn Rovers for those members of staff who would be undertaking football duties, including specific qualifications relating to the stewarding of sporting events and event management.

As the season progressed and Blackburn Rovers faced additional areas of difficulty with both planned and spontaneous protests against the club’s owners and manager, Radius were able to supply additional, fully trained staff, at short notice.”

Along the way, we have had numerous emails like the one below, commending our guards and their professionalism and attention to detail.

“I have no doubt that you will have been informed of the excellent work done by Callan Davies yesterday evening when he saw a male breaking into the shop here at Blackburn Rovers. Having alerted the police and set the CCTV to record the offender he sought the assistance of the Club Secretary who was still on the premises before confronting the offender who was detained at the scene until the police arrived. An excellent piece of work for which he should be highly commended.

Kind regards

Stuart Caley”

Richard Stevens, Radius Operations Director, added:

“It’s a great pleasure to be working with a club that has such an incredible history in topflight football.  Our team of managers and security guards working with Blackburn Rovers do so with a real sense of pride and purpose, and we consider it a real privilege to have such a long-standing and successful working partnership with this football club.”