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Welfare Unit on the street’s of Manchester

23 Oct 2019 | Community, Company, Security

As usual, the year goes far too fast and we find ourselves at the opening of Fresher’s week. With the huge influx of students coming to Manchester and the nightlife becoming a little crazier over this week, we aim to support the ‘new’ drinkers and party goers in any way we can to ensure a safe and fun night for everyone.

Whilst delivering an excellent service with our Door Supervisors, we also deploy our Welfare Unit supported by our Paramedics and on site Ambulance. Where a guaranteed fast response and immediate support to our security teams is provided, crowd management within the area supported and we can also help alleviate some pressure on the emergency services as we are able to transport casualties to hospital on a blue light should this be needed.

Much to our delight, no major incidents took place (except for the casual canal jumper) who was supported by the police and cleared as medically fit by our paramedics.

As a partly self-funded service to the city of Manchester as a ‘give back’ we hope to support all major events and major times throughout the year which increase the night life footfall and where you can often find the ‘once a year’ drinkers. Throughout the Christmas period, we work closely with Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council and the surrounding pubs and clubs around Printworks. We hope to branch into all major cities such as; Liverpool, Blackpool, Wigan and Chester to be able to deliver that extra bit of support to the customers who often become vulnerable after their much loved night out. Whether we help them charge their phone so they are able to get home safely or attend to an injury they may have gained whilst out, it all contributes to a safe return home.

Not only do we aim to support the community, night life and door supervisors when deploying the Welfare Unit, but we aim to support the emergency services where possible and reduce their pressure around all key dates. Over the Christmas Period of 2018, we rolled the Welfare Unit out over 5 key nights. We saved a massive £250,000 on average for the emergency services, from assisting Police Officers on the ground, people were also transported to us from all over the City and to transporting casualties to hospitals and ultimately saving a young females life on the back of a severe incident.

Mobile medics are used all over the world for events, festivals, building works, bars, clubs and the list goes on and on. But what we do takes it to the next level, we bring all aspects of supporting services to create our best deployed teams. We have Mental Health First Aid and Frist Aid Qualified operatives, Door Supervisor Qualified operatives for the security and safety aspects of the role, Paramedics and Medics and most importantly, we have team members who want to help and offer guidance supporting vulnerable people to be able to make that difference to someone’s night.

Being an ACS Company, we thrive in ensuring the service we deliver is outstanding and supported by all accreditations and training we can make available to our teams.
We make our Welfare Unit Team available for hire, completing risk assessments and putting the operation plan into place without you having to worry about a single thing!