Health Shield

Let’s face it,
health matters!

When we feel good, we’re happy. And when we’re happy we get the best out of every aspect of our lives. That’s what makes health so valuable and why it needs to be taken care of.

This is the philosophy at Radius. We invest heavily in our workforce, from training and education to health and wellbeing. We have teamed up with Health Shield, one of the leading providers of health cash plans that reimburse our employees for the cost of everyday healthcare, counselling services, access to welfare apps and much more...

Health Cash Plans

A plan that reimburses employees the costs of everyday healthcare.

Breeze. The Digital Health Platform

A way for employees to manage their personal wellbeing on the go.

Occupational Health

Assessments, surveys and support lines. We've got what you need to meet your absence management requirements, health and safety and legal obligations.

The additional wellbeing and rewards package may include:

My 24/7 Counselling

Employee Assistance Programme

GP Anytime

Online Health Assessments

On-Demand Physio

Cancer Screening

Home Assistance


Wellbeing app: Thrive Support

Wellbeing app: Thrive Coaching

Some of
the key

Your rewards package
may include:


Offers, discounts and cashback on shopping, travel, entertainment and much more, from high street names.

My GP Anytime

Consult with a GP via phone or webcam and have private prescriptions delivered to your door.

My Counselling

Counselling and support helpline and access to face-to-face counselling sessions.

My Wellbeing App

Access to Thrive Support/Coaching wellbeing apps designed to help you stay in a positive frame of mind.

My On-Demand Physio

Consultations, advice and exercise treatments available via phone or webcam to aid physical recovery.


Health Shield helps your salary go further by reimbursing you the costs of dental check-ups and fillings, eye tests, physiotherapy, prescriptions and much more.
Give's you Access to Thrive, the NHS-approved* mental wellbeing app.

Mental wellbeing App

1. Assessing the wellbeing of employees

Employees complete a financial, lifestyle and mental wellbeing assessment to understand the state of their wellbeing and what they need to improve.

2. Creating clear pathways to improved wellbeing

Based on employees’ interests and assessment results, Breeze recommends a variety of services and personalised content to guide them through their wellbeing journey.

3. Driving ongoing engagement

Employees can complete their assessments after a few months to track progress. There’s a world of regularly updated content within Breeze that's tailored to their interests, lifestyle, and health priorities.

4. Building a company-wide view

Employers have a dashboard that displays anonymised management information needed to understand the health priorities of your staff and empowers you to drive engagement.

5. Proving ongoing strategic guidance

Our wellbeing team are on hand to help interpret the insights Breeze gives you and can recommend events, activities and content to evaluate changes in business performance.

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