Radius Cleaning is led by experienced staff with backgrounds in hospitality management. Bringing these exacting standards into all business environments has enhanced the level of service we can achieve, through a flexible approach, and our understanding of what good cleaning is and its beneficial effect on staff pride, customer opinion, and a company’s overall reputation. Our cleaning division managers liaise closely between you and the cleaning teams to ensure that we are meeting your requirements, keeping abreast of any changes or challenges, and ensuring your business is always well turned out.

By contracting Radius for your cleaning needs, you gain the advantage of:

  • Carefully recruited and fully inducted cleaning specialists
  • Trained cleaners who regularly undergo bespoke training
  • Contract staff with initiative and pride in their work
  • Experienced management to support performance
  • Ambassadors of your exacting standards and values
  • An integrated team assisting your company’s success 

Letting us care about your cleaning might be low down on your list, yet if your cleaning is not handled properly, you will soon know about it! Working with Radius Facilities, you can forget about the things that might need doing because our hands-on approach includes regular audits and reviews that we will arrange. On a quarterly basis, the regional management team will conduct the clean to ensure standards are being met.

Why you should work with Radius Cleaning

When you choose to work with Radius Cleaning, you gain access to our experience, skills, and the benefits that come with a philosophy of great customer service and high standards. The philosophy behind your objectives; regular communication is key to success and ensures everybody within a contract environment can deliver on said objectives. Our bespoke contracts, suitable for our delivery of your business requirements, incorporate fluidity and adaptability so when times change, we can too. Pre-planning and detailed orientation lays the foundations and makes the contract transition period run smoothly. Support from Radius Facilities’ management team is ongoing. 

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